Fully-Funded Open Doors Russian Scholarships 2022-2023 Accepting Online Applications – Study For Free In Russia

The association of Russian Universities and the Russian governments sponsors a fully-funded Open Doors Scholarships for international students for various disciplines. This is now opened for online applications as well.

Lots of students worldwide, whether admitted or not, are not apprised of latest updates regarding to program yet are willing to partake in the program.

Every student aspires to study in the highly reputable Universities in Russia, unfortunately a lot of these scholarship programs are not publicized. The scholarships by the Russian governments are august opportunities offered by the government for students to study in Russia.

Concerning how the program is funded, the governments of Russia has allocated annual budget that will help fund the programs for the international students studying with them.

What most people don’t know is that one can get a Master’s degree or a PhD degree for free in Russia. You are more likely to receive financial support for tuition and reading materials if your study program is accredited. Another benefit is that you can transfer the credits you earn if you decide to pursue a degree program in another institution.

Below are very important details about the Russian Open Doors Scholarship 2022. This will guide you to know what is required to apply for the program.
Russian Open Doors Scholarships 2022 details.

  • Scholarship Country: Russia
  • Programs: masters or PhD degree
  • Eligible students: 300+ Scholarships are available
  • Financial assistance: fully funded
  • Deadline: December 10, 2021.

Funding allowances of Russian Open Doors Scholarships:

  • A major benefit of this scholarship program is that there is no tuition payment.
  •  You will receive a regular sum payment if you qualify for this program
  •  There are no entrance exams for the best applicant. It could be you.
  • You can choose between English and Russian because both version of the course are available
  • There are lots of subjects’ options
  • Cost of living is moderate
  • There is an opportunity for you once you live in Russia

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Russian Scholarships:

There are lots to consider in the application process for this scholarship. The following are some
of the conditions for the scholarship.

  •  As an applicant, one needs a university degree or credential from a university level
    program for this scholarship
  •  Once you have lived in Russia before you can equally apply for the scholarship
  • You should have an English proficiency certificate.
  • As a foreigner, you can apply for the program
  • If you are a stateless person, you can apply for this grant and also competition.
  • This program covers everyone regardless of the gender.

List of subjects available under Russian Open Doors Scholarship:

In 2021, the scholarship program was opened for international students to apply in 11 subjects. But in this year the Russian government have added up to be 14 for students to apply in for both PhD Degree and masters.

List of subjects given:

  1. Engineering and technology
  2. Neuroscience and psychology
  3.  Computer and data science
  4. Political and international studies
  5. Earth science
  6. Business and management
  7. Clinical medical and public health
  8. Linguistic and modern languages
  9.  Economics and econometric
  10. Mathematical and artificial intelligent
  11. Education
  12. Biology and biotechnology
  13. Chemistry and material science
  14. Physical science

Applying procedure of Russian Open Doors Scholarships 2022:

This process is made quite easy and simple for applicants. The application process is therefore
done online.

  •  The process is completely online
  • It is free thus no cost involved
  • Separate forms have been provided in case you want to apply for scholarship in different
    subjects. It is a must to fill a form for each subject.
  •  A portfolio that contains all your important documents including awards and
    achievements must be provided or submitted
  • Your portfolio must be submitted before the deadline given.
    Required documents for application.

In order for your application to be considered you have to write or translate the
application document into Russian and have it verified.

  • Previous Master’s Degree Diploma
  •  Verified Degree Transcript
  • CV
  • Recommendation letter
  •  Scan of passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Personal statement

Russian open doors scholarship application deadline:

The deadline for the application of Russian Open-Door Scholarship is on December 10,

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