Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship 2022-2023

Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is another scholarship opportunity available in the United States of America.

This is also another scholarship provided by the Jack Kent Foundation. Aside from this, they also offer the College Scholarship Program and the Young Scholars Program.

The Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Program is a highly competitive scholarship for students in American colleges who are need of a financial help to complete their bachelor’s degree at 4-year colleges or universities.

Recipients of the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship will receive a generous financial aid for two to three years. They will also be given a college planning support, ongoing advising, and the opportunity to connect with the thriving community of fellow Scholars.

The number of recipients varies from year to year. However, typically the foundation selects no fewer than 50 students each year for this scholarship.

Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship 2022-2023
Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship 2022-2023

The Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship which is valued up to $55,000 per year cover the student’s educational expenses including books and required fees, living expenses and tuition — for the final two to three years necessary to achieve a bachelor’s degree.

Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Summary

Level of Study:Undergraduate
Institution(s):American Colleges and Universities
Country of study:USA
Deadline:January 10, 2022
Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship amount:up to $55,000 yearly.

Scholarship Coverage

The Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, books and required fees. The amount of the scholarship is up to $55,000. The amount actually varies per student due to factors such as differences in cost of their various programs, duration of studies and others.

Eligibility and Criteria

These are the requirements for those who are interested in the Jack Kent Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship:

Please pay close attention to them

  • Sophomore Status: You must be a current student of an accredited US community college or a two-year institution with sophomore status.
  • Fall College Enrollment: Plan to enroll full-time in a baccalaureate program at an accredited college or university in fall 2022.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA): You must have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent.
  • Prove Financial Need: You must be able to demonstrate an unmet financial need. Applicants with family income up to $95,000 shall be considered. Last year’s scholars of the Transfer Scholarship program had a median family income of approximately $35,000. During the selection process, the Foundation will conduct a full financial review, which will take into account all income and assets of the student and the student’s parents.
  • No previous enrolment or attendance at a four-year institution: Students who have attended a four-year institution in the past are not eligible for this scholarship.
    • Please note: If you started at a four-year institution, but it not complete a semester of full-time study, then you. may be eligible. Please contact the Foundation via email, [email protected] to verify your eligibility.
    • Students who have already transferred to a four-year institution or plan to a transfer to start during the spring 2022 semester are also not eligible for this scholarship.

Selection Criteria

As noted earlier on in this article, this very scholarship is highly competitive. So if you want to stand a chance of winning over other students, kindly endeavour to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding Academic achievement and ability at all former colleges and/or high schools (if applicable). You must have strong academic records, academic awards and honors and substantive assessments by educators providing confidential recommendations. As stated above, the GPA is a serious factor of consideration. And in addition, consideration is given to your participation in available advanced courses, commitment to learning, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Show persistence academically, professionally and/or personally. This means demonstration of your ability to face challenges, ability to set and remain focused on goals and to put in the effort needed to meet those goals in the face of challenges.
  • Leadership: your leadership qualities would highly be considered in your college and/or community. That is, your ability to organise and positively influence others in and out of school.
  • Service to others (college and/or community). Your purposeful and meaningly commitment to other which may be evidenced by participation in volunteer/community service activities.
  • Financial need.

How to get help in applying for the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship in your school

There are Campus Representatives who are faculty and staff members available at your community college campus that can help you with your application to the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.

Though not all campuses have a representative, over 400 community colleges around the country have active Cooke Campus Representatives.

Find Your Campus representatives here.

Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship Timeline

October 1, 2021Application opens. Apply online in the Common App for Transfer
January 10, 2022Application closes at 11:59PM in your local time zone
March 2022Semifinalist notification
April 2022Scholar notification

Official Website

The 2021-2022 Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship application is now open. Email [email protected] with questions.

Questions about the Common App for Transfer: https://help.liaisonedu.com/The_Common_App_Help_Center and [email protected]

Questions about the program and eligibility: [email protected]

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