Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program 2022-2023

Founded by We Are Family Foundation, Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program is a program available for young teenagers which gives them the opportunity to amplify their work. The program is designed to support and recognise the efforts of Global Teen Leaders around the world who are working on innovative projects that enhance a more peaceful society.

Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program 2022
Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program 2022

The Three Dot Dash was inspired by Mattie J.T Stepanek, a 13-year-old poet and peacemaker.

This program is a year-round leadership and mentoring program that teaches teen leaders how to “tell their stories” effectively using various forms of media in order to accelerate their leaders potential, bring advancement to their projects, help them to mobilize peers and promote their work to broader audiences around the world to take action.

This is for children between the ages of 13 to 19 — this is more or less a scholarship opportunity for High School students.

Scholarship Summary

Level of StudyNon-degree (Just Peace Summit)
Institution(s)We Are Family Foundation
Country of StudyNew York, United States of America
Opportunity Focus AreaLeadership
Deadline7 Days
Program PeriodJanuary 13, 2021

Scholarship Coverage

Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program comes with some benefits. The following are the benefits recipients of this program enjoy when they are selected:

  • All air/train travel expenses will be covered, visa fees, hotel, meals and ground travel in New York City will be paid by the We Are Family Foundation for selected Global Teen Leaders.

Eligibility Criteria For Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program

There are some guidelines and standards that must be met by all those interested in the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program.

Please follow them as stated below:

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All world countries
  • Required age: 13-19 ( at the time of the Virtual Just Peace Summit V-JPS2021)
  • The project or organisation must address one or more basic human need(s): Education, Environment, Food, Health, Safety, Shelter, Water.
  • Interested persons must be founder or co-found of own project or organisation.
  • Interested persons must be committed to growing your work and impact now and in the future.
  • Already achieving tangible results.
  • Must speak and write English proficiently
  • Be nominated by a qualified nominator. (SEE BELOW)

In order to apply, potential GTLs must be nominated by one of the following qualified Nominators:

How to Apply for Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program?

Please if you want to apply for the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program, kindly visit their official website as stated at the end of this article.

And please note that an application is only complete when both the nominator form and a nominee form are completed and submitted by the application deadline.

Failure to submit both forms with results in automatic disqualification.

Official Website

We know you would want to know more details about the Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leaders Program.

Kindly visit their official website below to know more:

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