Fully-funded Russian Scholarships 2022-2023: List of all Scholarships in Russia

Russia is one of the countries where international Students enjoy Fully Funded Scholarships and in addition get paid by the Russian Government. The monthly pay and free tuition are what students enjoy in their stay in Russia.

Russia is the largest country in the world, it is the homeland of Tolstoy and Bulgakov. Russia is where most student desire to have education due to this, the country strives to make its higher educational institutions competitive and more supportive for the international students.

Russian Universities and the Russian Government offers students who are eligible to study for free in Russia. There are government-sponsored and state-funded scholarships that one may be interested in. One benefit the universities in Russia get is the attraction of talents from outside Russia.

The cost of a Bachelor’s Degree in Russia starts at 1,100 USD per year and can go as high as 6,100 USD annually. This is one of the best places to school.

Russian Scholarships List:

1.  HSE Gold Funding:

This scholarship is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. HSE University in Moscow, Russia; helps by supporting international students by funding their education via their Gold funding program.

To be a part of this, one has to do a series of test, it is the results of these tests that determine which percentage of fees will be deferred to the student.

The tuition fee waiver starts at 25% and goes up to 70%. Students are also offered a monthly pay/grant of 1500 RUB. You can only apply to this funding after getting enrolled a listed program. if your first language is not English, you are required to attest your English language proficiency since all tuitions are going to in English.

2. State Ph.D. Positions at MIPT, Russia:

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is looking out for potential Ph.D. students. The Ph.D. degree program is funded fully and is available for the Russian Nationals. The Ph.D. positions are for some faculties but some faculties are offering higher funding than others.

To get the funding the applicants need to be enrolled in a Ph.D. program. The applicants will be required to attest their English language proficiency and Russian language proficiency if the program is taught in either language.

3.  Eastern European University Association Scholarship:

Eastern European University Association through its International Scholarship Foundation targets
international students.

The scholarship fund covers the tuition and accommodation charges of those potential students who have been enrolled in an undergraduate program at any university in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

The scholarship is available for certain courses and undergraduate programs of recognized universities.

4. NRU Scholarship:

National Research University’s Higher School of Economics is offering scholarships to international students who are enrolled in a master’s program. More information is available on their website.

Amongst the other universities in Russia NRU is one of the most innovative and competitive universities. Programs involved in the scholarship program are business, law, finance, big data, management, economics, etc.

5. Open Doors Russian Scholarship:

The Russian ministry of Education and science of Federation along with Global Universities’ Association is giving out Open Doors scholarships to international students.

The Scholarships are given on the basis of a competition known as Open Doors Olympiad or Open Doors Academic Competition. The winners get a chance to earn a master’s degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Russia.

The scholarship winners will get a 100% tuition fee for more than 300 awardees. The scholarship is for only international students to apply.

The subjects to be offered are Biology, Computer Science, AI, IR, Business, Management, Linguistics, Physics, Psychology, Chemistry, Technology, Engineering, and

6. EMAS Scholarships:

Every month Eurasian Management and Administration School (EMAS) in Russia, is offering 50 scholarships to deserved students to study MBA or Executive MBA.

The scholarships are taken in both online and on-campus modes. One has to perform well in the scholarship test to get the scholarship. Some subject areas are for the scholarship are marketing, finance, healthcare, management (strategic and general management). Here there is no need to prove English language proficiency even for the programs taught in English.

7. Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia, Scholarship:

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Skoltech, is providing a scholarship for Ph.D. and master’s to international students. The scholarship is available for fields like Mechanics, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Space systems, Physics, Petroleum Engineering, Life Sciences, etc.

Skoltech is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The scholarship grant for MSc covers the full tuition, offers a basic stipend of 40k to 55k rubles, and also has monthly insurance. The period of study for masters is 2 years and for Ph.D. is 4 years.

8. Siberian Federal University Scholarship in Russia:

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) has opened up Ph.D. positions for a number of its doctoral programs. These are taught in English and are fully funded for both local and international students. The Ph.D.

Programs available are in the areas of Quantum Chemistry, Biophysics, Optics, Urban Design and Planning, Metal Forming, and Multidimensional Complex Analysis.

9. Finance and Economics Scholarship at ICEF HSE:

International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) of Higher School of Economics Moscow, is offering undergraduate scholarships to special students. These scholarships are available for all students worldwide and are partially funded. The scholarships are renewed each year and offer a tuition fee waiver of 15% to 75%.

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